7 Years, 13 Locations and Counting

7 Years, 13 Locations and Counting

June 5, 2018

The ProLink team celebrated its seventh anniversary in all of its 13 locations throughout the country this week with a few words from founding brothers, Tony and Mike Munafo. In the video above, Tony and Mike share the story of ProLink’s transformation from a Cincinnati startup working out of a damp basement office—dehumidifiers were key to making sure documents stayed dry overnight—to the national enterprise it is today. Their talk is packed with snippets of wisdom and guidance for the team, some highlights below:

“The ProLink family is our most important asset.” Tony explained. “What I mean by the ProLink family is everyone in this organization, as well as our talent out in the field and the clients we work with. When these three groups come together and we have harmony, we can move mountains.”

Focusing on the role of individual team members, Mike continued, “It’s all about paying it forward and making sure that when you see success, you’re bringing someone along with you. One of our team members said to to me recently, ‘This job can change you, if you let it.’ I want to challenge you all to think about that as we move forward so that in the next seven years, you can look back and feel the same way we do right now.”

Special thanks was given to the ProLink team, “We have gone from being a local staffing company to a national powerhouse,” Tony concluded, “And that’s directly attributed to you all.”

Thanks to everyone who has made ProLink’s growth possible over past seven years and cheers to the road ahead!


Note: Excerpts included above have been paraphrased to summarize the founders’ sentiments and overall message.

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