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Travel Nursing Jobs for Registered Nurses

November 30, 2021

Are you a registered nurse with an active RN license, and would you like to work in the exciting field of travel nursing? You are choosing to do so at an exciting time. The need for travel nurses is increasing and is expected to grow by 15% through the year 2026. As one of the leading travel nursing agencies, we can help you find the ideal nursing assignment. ProLink Healthcare Staffing pairs you with a dedicated travel nursing recruiter who is motivated to find you fast placement in accordance with your career goals. You’ll have the opportunity to visit new locales, build new skills, and earn top pay all along the way. 

Here are just a few of the travel nursing assignments currently available. 

Travel Nursing Assignments for Active RNs

Operating Room (OR) Nurse 

OR traveling nurses work with patients as they are being prepped for surgery. As an OR nurse, you may find yourself speaking with the patient and their family as part of a multidisciplinary care team. Other responsibilities include patient evaluations, treatment planning and implementation, and post-surgical care. 

OR nurses are needed in hospitals and other medical facilities and are responsible for coordinating the use of operating room supplies, ensuring equipment is working properly, and maintaining patient safety standards. You would also manage the overall care of the patient before, during, and after surgical procedures. 

The requirements for becoming a travel OR nurse include an active RN license in good standing, and a minimum of a 2-year associate degree program in nursing (ADN). Some employers require operating nurses to complete their bachelor degree within a certain timetable following your onboarding. 

Operating room travel nurses can get paid as high $2,000 to $2,600 per week

Labor and Delivery Nurse

As a labor and delivery travel nurse, your job would be to help deliver healthy babies while assisting new moms through the process safely. This highly rewarding position is always in high demand and can pay as much as $32,000 for a 13-week assignment. If you have advanced skills and experience, you can potentially earn more. 

As a labor and delivery nurse, your responsibilities would include aiding in induced labor, coaching new mothers throughout labor and delivery, and comforting mother and baby in the birthing room. 

To qualify as a labor and delivery nurse, you need an active RN license. You can choose to further your career by becoming a nurse practitioner in either obstetrics or gynecology. You can also become a certified nurse midwife, which requires the nurse-midwife certification through the American Midwifery Certification Board. 

PACU Nurse 

A post-anesthesia care (PACU) travel nurse helps patients who have gone under anesthesia. You would be responsible for observing and treating patients after their operations to make sure they safely wake from the anesthesia. This would involve the monitoring of their vital signs and levels of consciousness to ensure the sedation properly wears off.  

In many cases, PACU nurses are the first individuals patients see when they regain consciousness following surgery. You might have to help patients stand and complete the discharge process. 

Becoming a PACU nurse gives you the opportunity to earn around $28,600 for a 13-week assignment. To qualify, you need an RN license and at least some on-the-job experience. You can further your education by getting the post-anesthesia nurse (CPAN) certification, which requires at least 1,800 hours of clinical experience. 

Psychiatric Nurse 

Psychiatric mental health travel nurses work with individuals, groups, families, and communities to assess their mental health needs. You might diagnose a patient or plan their care. You’ll care for patients directly and evaluate your treatments for their effectiveness. 

Qualifications for a psychiatric travel nursing role include an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. You may require certification by the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing program or RN-BC. To be eligible for the RN-BC, you need to have two years of full-time experience as a registered nurse and have 2,000 hours of clinical experience in psychiatric mental health nursing within the past three years. You’ll also need to complete 30 hours of continuing education in psychiatric mental health nursing or related field within the last three years. 

This travel nursing position can earn you as much as $2,300 per week.  

CVICU Nurse 

Cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) travel nurses are responsible for caring for patients after open-heart surgery and other chest surgeries. Other responsibilities include reading heart monitors and electrocardiograms, as well as performing basic nursing care.

Travel nursing RNs who accept CVICU positions can earn as much as $32,100 during the average 13 week assignment. 

To qualify as a CVICU travel nurse, you need to graduate from an accredited nursing school and have an active RN license. Most employers want you to have worked in a clinical setting for at least a year. 

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