Healthcare - Direct Hire

Let an expert recruiting team source the best candidates from a pool of nationwide talent. Whether administrative, clinical, or managerial roles, we’ll help you add top talent to your staff.

Why a Direct Hire Service Makes Sense

Eliminate the time and stress of recruiting a candidate who might not be a great fit. Our proven workforce solution is designed to find professionals who are most likely to exceed your expectations.

What Makes ProLink Staffing Different

Our unrivaled candidate sourcing is proprietary and exclusive to our clients. We use a screening strategy that’s continuously optimized for a true assessment of overall skills and performance. And the comparative selection process ensures that you’re not just getting the highest-quality professionals, you’re getting the best of the best.

Flexible Options, Specific to You

Are you looking for one clinician? Do you have multiple roles to fill? Whatever your direct hire need, ProLink Staffing is ready to make things fast, simple and cost effective.