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In competitive operating environments, change is constant and so is your need for smart, qualified people you can count on. Your best bet to avoid labor shortages is a strategic hiring partner with a deep pool of skilled talent.

ProLink Resources strives to understand your organization deeply so we can supply the right mix of technical skills and domain-specific knowledge that your operation needs. Are you ready for a superior hiring experience? Our team is standing by now.


Experienced, detail-minded engineers and designers deliver valuable results and provide stability to your teams. Through careful screening and interviewing, ProLink Resources will match you with the skilled engineering professionals who can fulfill your immediate and long-term needs. All of our candidates are highly-qualified in their specialization, whether it’s mechanical, automation, electrical, structural, systems or other domains.


When you partner with ProLink Resources, you have direct access to our broad network of highly-qualified manufacturing talent. Our candidates are selected for skill areas and training in the latest technologies. You’ll gain capable individuals who have the aptitude it takes to integrate smoothly with your existing workforce. Let us connect you with the technicians, assemblers, machine operators or electricians you need.


ProLink Resources delivers qualified professionals who match your design sensibilities. Each has the right mix of technical knowledge and soft skills that make them valuable assets to your firm. Count on us to place registered architects, interior designers, graphic designers, project managers, interns and more. Whether your practice is expanding or you have project deadlines to support, our team has the blueprint you need to hire the right way.


ProLink Resources provides trained, experienced personnel for short- and long-term assignments. We quickly mobilize excellent workers to your site. Avoid backlogs and project slowdowns that affect your bottom line. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and understands the need to keep crews fully-staffed from planning to decommissioning.

Skilled Trades

There are no small roles in your organization. Everyone has a critical part and they must play it well to ensure the business grows. The recruiters and account managers at ProLink Resources understand the specific needs and qualifications that make great candidates for roles within this broad category, whether it’s a warehouse associate, maintenance technician, CNC machinist, materials handler, journeymen plumber, welder or electrician position.

Professional Services (Finance, Accounting, Office Administration)

As your strategic partner, ProLink Resources offers flexible options for staffing your offices. We deliver skilled professionals with targeted industry experience and expertise in a variety of disciplines, including accounting & finance, operations support, call centers, mortgage services, administration and sales. We support organizations of any size, working with you to keep your business operating at full speed.


The economic backdrop affecting the energy industry is constantly shifting, which means staffing challenges unique to energy exploration and production require foresight and diligence. ProLink Resources responsively fills this need with our network of reliable, qualified professionals throughout the energy sector. We’ll support each aspect of your operation, from engineering and geology to risk management, safety and scheduling so you can count on staffing agility and comprehensive coverage.


Across all science-focused industries, standards, testing, quality control and safety are integral to both innovation and production. A lapse in any of these areas can endanger scarce commodities and even lives. ProLink Resources puts precision and accuracy at the center of our staffing solutions. Each candidate we place meets rigorous vetting requirements, whether it’s a scientist, engineer, chemist, biologist, or QA/QC professional.


Security, compliance and an ongoing awareness of the regulatory environment are core issues related to any government role. Contract complexities and rigid standards make it essential for any partner to a government agency or supplier to offer staffing solutions that foster continuity and stability. ProLink Resources delivers expertly-vetted professionals to fill a variety of specializations, including engineering, IT, statement of work, consulting and more.

Resources Staffing Solutions

Managed Service Provider (MSP)
You’ll stay compliant with labor regulations, track time, monitor expenditures and keep communication flowing when ProLink manages your staffing operations.
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On-Site Capabilities
If your company employs a large number of temporary workers, having an on-site staffing team from ProLink is a cost-effective way to keep the hiring cycle running smoothly. You’ll benefit from a dedicated team that seamlessly augments your internal recruiting department.
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Vendor Management System (VMS)
Using ProLink as your VMS provider will empower your organization to track hiring progress with robust reporting, payroll automation, and easy scheduling management.
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A contract-to-hire is a trial period that allows employers to decide if a permanent hire is the right fit for their business. Let your candidates prove their skills, capabilities and professionalism on the job before considering a long-term commitment.
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Direct Hire
ProLink simplifies the traditional hiring process and shrinks the amount of time it takes to fill open roles. We do so by tapping into our specialized pools of industry talent and managing each touchpoint with candidates, from initial outreach to onboarding.
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
ProLink offers a comprehensive hiring solution that runs the entire recruitment lifecycle for you. For organizations that need to hire in large numbers, RPO provides reliable, efficient processes with fully-transparent accountability.
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As an award-winning staffing company, we succeed by taking care of our clients, the professionals we place, and our internal team. ProLink’s leaders are effective at developing customized solutions that allow organizations to solve staffing challenges related to shifting labor trends, changing costs, logistical concerns and regulatory flux. This vision powers every aspect of our business, including the way we understand the operational issues our clients face every day. We invite you to get to know us.

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