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What Qualities Should You Look for in a Staffing Partner?

February 3, 2022

With job vacancies costing the average employer $500 per day, you might be feeling the economic sting with regards to recruiting. However, starting a recruiting program for your business can be time and money-intensive. And there’s no guarantee you’ll find the best talent. Nearly 30% of recruiters stated they were struggling to fill roles with the best professionals. Is your company included on that list?

You can overcome your recruitment challenges by partnering with a staffing agency. The right partner can help you secure the talent you need in record time. But what should you look for in a staffing partner? The following list of qualities should help. 

Qualities of Top Staffing Partners 


You should never have to wonder what your staffing partner is doing at any given time. Instead, you want a partner that checks in regularly and fills you with confidence that your recruiting needs are being met. 

A Solid Track Record

72% of recruiters agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring. You’ll have more success with your recruiting efforts when you manage to work with a company that serves its job candidates well. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from other organizations. Look for staffing agencies that pay top dollar to their talent and find fast placement for job candidates. These are the partners you can bet will keep your positions filled, no matter the demand or urgency. 

Fair Fee Structure and Satisfaction Guarantee

Your recruiting program should make economic sense. Only work with a staffing partner that offers a transparent fee structure with zero hidden surprises. You’ll also want to pay attention to any partner that offers a guarantee. This indicates that the agency will thoroughly vet candidates before sending any your way.

Relevancy and Experience 

You want a staffing partner that has worked with other agencies similar to yours and with similar recruitment objectives. Don’t be shy about asking for testimonials and KPI reports to indicate that the agency is successful. 

Dedicated Point of Contact

You will have a better relationship with a staffing partner when you consistently talk to the same person. That individual will gain a better understanding of your business needs and mission statement to help you make the best recruiting decisions. You’ll also want to be aware of the team dynamic in case there’s ever an emergency or your point of contact is unavailable. By doing this, you can ensure your needs will be met appropriately and in a timely manner.


You want a staffing partner that displays patience in finding you the most qualified candidate. The inverse to this is rushing to fill a position, in which case you never truly know who you’re getting to work for you. The staffing agency should be willing to wait for just the right candidate to satisfy the demands of the role being filled. That’s how good staffing is done. 


You want a staffing agency that can quickly adapt to any new hiring requests you make. This means the needs of the role you need to fill may change. The agency should be able to alter their search for the ideal candidate in tandem with these changes, proving the team behind the scenes always has your back. 


A staffing partner acts as a conduit between companies and job candidates. You’ll only want to work with a staffing agency that has good relationships with all its contacts. While disagreements can happen, be on the lookout for agencies that have bad reputations for burning bridges and do your best to steer clear. Every interaction with the agency should be businesslike and productive in nature. 


The best staffing company will get to know your business inside and out. This is the best way to approach a long-term relationship between your organization and the agency. From the first meeting to years from now, you want to know that the agency can fill all the positions you have open, no matter how numerous or urgent.

Recognizes the Best Talent 

Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to recruiting. Make sure your staffing partner works with only the highest qualified nurses and other medical professionals. You don’t just want top-tier talent that looks good on paper. 84% of recruiters stated that culture fit was a key factor when recruiting. If culture is important to you, you want candidates that will match the roles being filled based on their skill sets as well as their professionalism and personality. These are the types of candidates who are more likely to stick around and mesh with your organizational community.

Seamless Process

The staffing agency you partner with should become an extension of your business. It should be akin to developing a recruitment arm for your organization. The agency fills the roles you need filled and there are no headaches involved. To have this kind of relationship with an agency, you’ll need to convey your recruitment process, hiring requirements, and other candidate details that are important to you. Do your research to find reliable staffing agencies that offer this close level of partnership.  

Partner with ProLink to Fulfill Your Staffing Needs

Finding qualified talent remains a challenge for many companies, big and small. When you don’t have time to review applications, interview candidates, and negotiate salaries, you should let a staffing partner do the work for you.

Partner with ProLink Healthcare Staffing, where we can pair you with a recruiting expert intent on finding you top-tier talent in a range of fields. We have all the qualities you need in a healthcare recruiting partner and guarantee your satisfaction with well-vetted talent from around the country. Learn more about partnering with ProLink for all your talent searches by calling (866)777-3704.

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