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Healthcare is your passion. Travel sets you free.
Explore your career opportunities with ProLink.

Travel healthcare is an exciting career. You get to hone your skills and experience many different places. But sometimes, moving from job to job can get confusing. ProLink simplifies the process and takes the guesswork out of finding the right job match in the right location.

When you choose ProLink, you’ll get:

A trusting partner

Our recruiters get to know you, not only your qualifications and expertise but your future goals and location preferences. They provide responsive communication throughout the process and hold strong to our values and ethical standards. You need a recruiter you can trust; that’s exactly what you’ll find at ProLink.

An expert in travel healthcare

We have decades of combined experience in the industry and we’ve cultivated strong relationships with healthcare providers throughout the U.S. Employers tell us we “get it” when it comes to understanding what they need. We believe you’ll say that too, because we invest ourselves in your career success.

A growth activator

Your sense of adventure makes you want to experience as many places as you can, on your terms. You also want jobs that match your skills and employers that value your place in their organization. When all of these factors align, your career can move forward smoothly.

Healthcare is your passion. Travel sets you free. Explore your career opportunities with ProLink.

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Stories from Our ProLink Travelers

Being a travel nurse with ProLink Staffing for almost 3 years is the best decision I've made! It's been an awesome experience and I've never looked back on the other companies I've contracted with. Especially thanks to Olivia Quinn, Samantha Lovell & Katie Wood for being extremely knowledgeable, responding timely and directing me to the correct person quickly if they were unsure of something. Through this agency, I've been able to live my dream working as a nurse & see not just this beautiful country, but the world!

Travel RN

Stories from Our ProLink Travelers

I love my experience at Prolink Staffing I am left feeling as if I can turn to Prolink Staffing with any issue that would arise as a traveler. One of my personal up lifts with Prolink Staffing is I keep my medical up to 30 days after each assignment...But I truly love how I'm looked after with this company. My recruiter answers my questions in a timely matter. When I text him I get a reply almost immediately. He has guided me on many occasions on technical down falls. He is patient and fast to offer encouragement.